Welcome to The Helidoni Foundation

Founded by Dimitris and Sarah Georgakopoulos in 2019,
The Helidoni Foundation makes grants to and program-related investments in charitable, educational, and scientific enterprises in Greece.

Bearing the Greek name for the swallow, a bird that has symbolized rebirth, hope, and good fortune since ancient times, The Helidoni Foundation aims to promote renewal and progress by nurturing philanthropic and social impact ventures from ideation to viability.

By providing funding and incubation opportunities, Helidoni seeks to catalyze the development and sustainable growth of a new generation of social enterprises.

The Helidoni Foundation supports a growing list of mission-first entities finding solutions that have tangible social benefits and improving the community in meaningful ways.

Areas of particular interest to the Foundation include new technologies and alternative methods that support sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and livestock; sustainable waste management; new energy technologies and renewable energy sources; and social impact organizations.