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January 10, 2022

Lida Tsene, Member of the Impact Hub Athens team and Research Lead of the Ten Million Hands project, gave an interesting interview to CNN Greece about the research recently conducted in our country -in the context of the aforementioned project- with the aim to examine the relationship of Greek consumers with responsible consumption.

"Greek consumers do not yet seem to have a holistic understanding of the term 'sustainable' and 'conscious' consumption. The tendency is to be more connected to the environment and the environmental footprint of a brand, however, there is a percentage who perceive it with a more comprehensive approach to sectors of the economy and social life. " Read the entire interview here.

December 15, 2021

The 2021 Venture Impact Awards (VIA) winners announcement was held on December 13, 2021. The Hellenic Initiative’s newest program provides help and support to Greece’s brightest and most talented teams, helping them create ventures and projects that are scalable and sustainable.

This year's cash prizes of $285,000 were awarded to 18 winning teams, 10 nonprofits and 8 for-profit organizations: Nosilia Association, Organization Earth, Odyssea, Epanekkinisis, Aegean Sails, Women on Top, Humane, Citycrop, Lia, Inaccel, The Greek Online School, EV Loader, Ingredio, AidPlex, Dogs Voice, MindSpace, SciCo, and Moptil.

Click here to watch the ceremony and learn more about the winners.

November 15, 2021

ClimAccelerator is a global program giving start-ups access to innovate, catalyze, and scale the potential of their climate solutions. In a global community of organizers, it runs both theme-based and place-based acceleration programs. It goes beyond European borders, building a bridge between our world’s industry experts and systems to break new ground in carbon reduction.

Being its key leader in Greece, Impact Hub Athens ran the ClimAccelerator Beyond that started in May 2021 and was concluded in November 2021 with the closing ceremony and the announcement of the 4 winning teams. Meet them here