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March 29, 2024
Ten Million Hands' new integrated Information Hub and Business Network for Responsible Consumption and Production

Come and meet Ten Million Hands' brand-new platform, an integrated Information Hub and a Business Network for Responsible Consumption and Production! 🌱

Ten Million Hands just launched its upgraded website incorporating entirely new features. Being fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12), it intends to inform the public and the business world on the importance of Responsible Consumption and Production. Connecting through its two core modules – the Information Hub and the Business Network –, Ten Million Hands is raising awareness, educating and providing tangible solutions to make sustainability an everyday choice.

The Information Hub is indexing all information through its 22 sustainability indicators according to which conscious consumption and production can be put into practice (such as zero food waste, second hand or upcycling) while, at the same time, is providing knowledge through articles, tips and a series of podcasts on simple conscious practices for our livelihoods.

The Business Network for Sustainability, the first of its kind in Greece with a continuously growing list of consumer-centric businesses, is actively addressing environmental and social challenges through the lens of Responsible Consumption and Production. This network includes stores in every Athenian municipality, where the Ten Million Hands Meal and Benefits cards will be redeemable, making sustainability a reality for all of us.

March 8, 2024
Policy Connect: Policy Recommendations focus group for Foundations

In the framework of the Impact Hub Athens' initiative "Policy Connect: co-creating a roadmap to catalyze the social economy ecosystem", a workshop took place this Tuesday with the invaluable participation of 15 representatives from foundations and impact investing ventures. We worked collectively on the creation of joint proposals around the key subject of how we can promote the sustainable development of the local ecosystem, by enhancing social and environmental innovation.

That workshop was part of a series of Policy Recommendations Focus Groups around Greece that include stakeholders of various fields (research community, governmental/municipal reps, CSOs, foundations, funding institutions, embassies, private companies). The results of all workshops will be compiled and published as policy recommendations, to be then delivered to relevant institutional bodies, partners, and stakeholders in innovation both in Greece and in the EU for review and adoption.

We’d like to thank Impact Hub Athens for inviting us to be co-hosts of the event and a big thanks to the following Foundations: Stavros Niarchos, Onassis, A.C. Laskaridis, The Hellenic Initiative, Qualco, The Hellenic Initiative Canada, Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos, Aikaterini Laskaridis, Hellenic Impact Investing Network, Bodossaki, Investing for Purpose, Costas M.Lemos, TIMA, G. & A. Mamidakis.

February 29, 2024
Open Call Announcement for the 7th Cycle of the Points of Support Program

Ten Foundations in Greece are re-joining forces to support small Civil Society organizations, with the aim of implementing original small-scale projects of maximum social impact, as well as developing skills that will contribute to their sustainability.

This is the first year that our Foundation takes part in the Points of Support Program and the thematic area we’ve chosen is the one of Sustainable Cities and Communities. The participating Foundations in the 7th Cycle of Points of Support are: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, Bodossaki Foundation, Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, A. G. Leventis Foundation, Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, Costas M. Lemos Foundation, Social and Cultural Affairs Welfare Foundation (KIKPE), The Hellenic Initiative Canada, Athina I. Martinou Foundation, Helidoni Foundation. The Bodossaki Foundation will also act as the Program Coordinator.

You can read more about the Open Call here. The inaugural event of the Program will take place on Monday 11 March, at 14:00, at the Cultural Centre of the Benaki Museum (138 Pireos & Andronikou).

February 10, 2024
Press release for the first network of bicycle-friendly cultural venues in Athens

Wanna cycle into history and art? The first network of bicycle-friendly cultural venues in Athens is underway for the many bike aficionados out there!

The “Cycle into History and Art” program comes to enhance urban cycling, filling an important gap in the city as each venue will now host specially designed, secure bicycle parking spaces, offering a solution to the ones who would like to use their bike to visit the site. Through the creation of a network of such spaces, cultural routes will then be established, which Athenians and visitors alike can follow.

Prominent destinations of cultural interest have already entered the network such as the National Gallery, the Benaki Museum (Pireos 138), the Kypseli Municipal Market, the Athens Municipal Arts Center, the Melina Cultural Center, the Museum of Folk Art and Tradition Angeliki Hatzimichali, the Plato’s Academy Digital Museum and the Municipal Gallery of Athens. And the list will grow, so stay tuned!

The initiative belongs to Cities for Cycling and is implemented with the sponsorship of our Foundation.

January 20, 2024
Applications are open for the Ecotourism & Natural Disaster Management program "Olympus 2024"

We would like to share with you an interesting new experience for social contribution and personal development!

Ecogenia – the nonprofit organization that mobilizes young people through community service projects to promote sustainable development and climate action in Greece – is currently in the process of finding the next team for their upcoming project on Mount Olympus.

With the motto "You offer – You’re trained – You get paid", Ecogenia invites you to a hybrid 14-week program on ecotourism and natural disaster management in Litochoro and the wider Olympus area.

Applications will be open from January 15 to February 25, 2024. You can find the full description of the program and job position here.