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March 5, 2023
Collaboration with Social Hackers Academy: scholarships awarded

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Social Hackers Academy, a team of tech gurus that delivers comprehensive education in software engineering, providing students with all necessary hard and soft skills that lead to employment and a future-proof career.

Our grant is covering 10 scholarships for the 7-month Blockchain Development Career Track Program, offered to young people of the Association of Active Youth in Florina.

The Program has a holistic approach; it doesn't only include the teaching on Blockchain Development but also an employability course, community & pair-learning and a graduation project where the students will create their own blockchain development project, with the guidance and support of the SHA instructors.

February 20, 2023
“Revegetating the Cyclades" by the Cyclades Preservation Fund

Seeing the outcomes and measurable impact of the “Revegetating the Cyclades” project by the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF), gives us a big smile! The project:

- Span across 4 islands involving schools, cultural/environmental organizations, engaging parents, teachers, citizens, local authorities, private enterprises, creating meaningful synergies among them.

- Greened the school yard of the Foinikas Kindergarten in Syros, installed worm composting systems in 2 schools in Antiparos and Syros, and one more in the recently established Environment & Sustainability Education Center in Ermoupoli, Syros.

- Offered technical expertise for composting in a Vocational High School in Amorgos.

- Contributed to the revegetation of a remote area of the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros, while cleaning it from garbage washed ashore by the wind.

The project was co-funded by CPF and our Foundation and took place from Oct 2021 until Dec 2022.

January 30, 2023
Ten Million Hands is passing to the next level as a separately-established entity

Having started its journey in the arms of Impact Hub Athens as a project-based initiative, Ten Million Hands is now passing to the next level, established as a civil nonprofit company and ready to take off.

TMH's mission is to raise awareness, inform, educate, and provide tangible solutions to make sustainability an everyday choice in our lives. It invites each and every one of us to become part of a society that enjoys the benefits of adopting responsible consumption and production practices.

The brilliant TMH team is moving forward and currently preparing exciting and useful things for us. Stay tuned to see them coming in the following months!

We’re super happy to be Ten Million Hands’ founding donors, thus continuing our support to this significant venture.

January 15, 2023
STEWARDS is bringing the breaking through concept of Steward-Ownership in Greece

Allow us to introduce you to the newly established civil nonprofit company STEWARDS that is bringing Steward-Ownership in Greece. This is a successful proven model, adopted and operated by many organizations around the world. It harnesses the power of entrepreneurial for-profit enterprise, while preserving a company’s essential purpose to create products and services that deliver societal & environmental value and protecting it from extractive capital.

Bearing the vision of an economy that serves first and foremost the people while protecting and preserving the planet, STEWARDS will assist the Greek organizations embrace the Steward-Ownership structure, thus building a thriving responsible ownership ecosystem in Greece.

We were eagerly waiting for this terrific initiative to go live and we are so proud to be one of its founding donors, along with The Hellenic Initiative.

December 20, 2022
Videos & extras from the participation of Ten Million Hands at the Genia 17 project

We’re closing this year’s posts with a really nice initiative by ELC Productions that we joyfully took part in some time ago. Documentaries, original songs, street art, videos, and podcasts; all created to enhance the ongoing project Genia 17 that is focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Our Foundation sponsored Ten Million Hands to become ambassadors of the SDG 12 - Sustainable Consumption & Production. Here’s a teaser showing the creation of the respective mural, and a link with the relevant video, podcast, interview and tribute.

Cheers, see you next year!