In September 2022, our Foundation renewed its collaboration with ANTAMA and sponsored the “Paths of Life” Festival, the first in Greece that focuses on adults 65+, embracing younger generations at the same time.

Ageism in Greece is a sad social fact with a heavy impact to the lives of the elderly. ANTAMA wants to reverse this reality; through cultural and educational activities, it empowers adults of 65+, bridges the gap between generations, and creates awareness to the public about its severe consequences in our society.

About the Festival

In this context, ANTAMA will implement a 2-day festival, named “Paths of Life”, that intends to shed the spotlight on the elderly and widely address the issue of ageism in Greece and how it can be diminished.

People 65+ will have the chance to:

· actively participate in educational, recreational and intergenerational workshops, tailor-made for them,

· attend interesting and inspiring talks concerning active and healthy ageing/better living,

· get to know 30 organizations that run programs for older people on various topics, so as to participate in their current or upcoming activities,

· present their own teamwork project (choir, dance, theatrical play) to the public,

· socialize and get entertained.

The festival will be experiential and multi-thematic (technology, health, hobbies, environment, art, nutrition).

In addition, visitors of all ages will have the chance to get photographed for ANTAMA’s campaign “We wink the eye to life. We say NO to Ageism” and thus, become part of the big picture of an inclusive society.

They will also stroll around the Intergenerational Photography Exhibition “Love binds Generations” which will decorate the surrounding areas of the venue.

The festival will be held on 15 & 16 October 2022 at Technopolis City of Athens and we’re so much looking forward to it!



Main Contact:

Liana Kokkolia
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