Dimitris Georgakopoulos

President, Co-founder

Dimitris is an entrepreneur, prior Co-founder of Buildium LLC, and Co-founder & Managing Partner with Outseta LLC. Outseta is an experiment in organisational purpose and design – informed by principles shared in Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. An investor in companies with a social impact mission to become profitable and benefit society at large.

A philanthropist via the Helidoni foundation, primarily supporting initiatives that aim to accomplish a positive impact while becoming self-sustainable via revenue that they derive from services that they provide to the public. A large part of the focus is in Greece.

Sarah Georgakopoulos


Sarah is an artist and educator with a background in design and branding services and technological literacy. She coaches others in achieving their entrepreneurial, communication, and creator goals in self-publishing and social media, through the use of apps and tools such as WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite.

Through the Helidoni Foundation, Sarah supports Greece-based organizations seeking to have positive social and environmental impact in finding their voice, connecting with a wider audience, and implementing a plan for self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Dimitra Papageorgaki

Head of External Affairs

With an academic background in International & European Economic Studies and a 20-years work experience in major commercial enterprises, Dimitra decided to make a shift in her career and give her energy and expertise to something more meaningful and purpose-driven. And this is when she met Dimitris & Sarah and was immersed in the philanthropy world.

Dimitra, in collaboration with Helidoni’s key grantees & partners, is actively involved in the design and execution of the funded projects. The interaction and communication with the members of the Greek Civil Society is on the top of her priorities.