Cooperatives for a Better World

Introduction & utilization of donation

In February 2021, our Foundation made a grant to Cooperatives for a Better World to support their activities. A mission-based, not-for-profit organization focused on sharing cooperative identity with the world and the difference it makes in local, national, and global communities. It provides cooperative businesses with the expertise, tools, and connections to reach new levels of success.

A cooperative is a values-based business, owned by and operated for the benefit of the people at the heart of the organization, not outside investors. It is structured around principles deeply rooted in democracy, economic participation, and sustainable growth of both the business and community it serves. This business model is successfully used in many different sectors of today’s life. To name some:

- Agriculture: Agricultural Co-ops offer producers scale and security in the competitive landscape of agriculture. Member-farmers are not only in charge of their individual farms, but also have a share in ownership and a say in the operations of the larger cooperative business.

- Society: Social Co-ops model is being creatively utilized to deliver social and public services as well as create employment opportunities for people who may be unemployed or under-employed.

- Food: Food Co-ops has been revolutionizing the way people buy groceries. They place store ownership in the hands of the people who shop there. When a customer becomes a member-owner, they are given a share in store decision-making and a share in the store profits.

- Finance: Credit unions operate for the benefit of their member-owners, the account holders, thus ensuring all people have access to banking, credit, and other financial services.

- Work: Worker Co-ops offer unrestricted entrepreneurial opportunity for workers to build equity and ownership in the economy and shape the future they want for their businesses.


Cooperatives for a Better World

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