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In April 2020, our Foundation made a grant to Doctors of the World / Médecins du Monde – Greece (MdM-Greece). MdM, founded in 1990, is a medical humanitarian non-governmental organization and a member of Médecins Du Monde International which consists of 16 delegations worldwide. Its first and foremost mission is to provide medical care. Actions though are not limited to medical treatment: based on the medical experience, the organization is vocal against the obstruction of access to healthcare and the violation of human rights.

Utilization of donation

With this donation, MdM will be able to cover the following categories of expenses which are necessary for the smooth, unhindered and continuous support of its beneficiaries:

· Salaries for the medical personnel which is necessary for the provision of medical services. In addition in-home physiotherapy services for the elderly will be covered

· Costs related to the needs of the homeless population such as purchase and distribution of personal hygiene items

· Mobile units’ costs for the transfer of the teams to in-home visits and street work activities

· Support of the dental clinic of our Open Polyclinic in Athens which provides dental services to vulnerable people, including the elderly.

Through the coverage of the aforementioned costs, the grant will reinforce Doctors of the World Greece activities regarding:

· Protection,prevention and awareness raising among the socially vulnerable population

· In-home support activities

· Information and counseling through tele-medicine services. Doctors of the World, under the auspices of and with the scientific support of the National Organization for Public Health (EODY), will provide health counseling to chronic patients who present COVID-19 symptoms.

· Support to regions/communities where the population is quarantined with total movement restrictions because of the high disease prevalence with the scientific guidance of the National Organization for Public Health.


Doctors of the World

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