In May 2022, our Foundation was excited to further support Ecogenia for their civic-service pilot programs in Dorida & Chania.  

Ecogenia has designed its service-year model with the driving belief that, by igniting the sense of purpose, of giving oneself to something bigger for the greater good & future generations, we have a chance at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

About Dorida & Chania programs

Dorida - Trail Building & Eco-Tourism pilot is mobilizing a team of young people to build a network of hiking trails and help create a sustainable tourism infrastructure for the region.

The benefits of the program are multiple; the cohort members will obtain all necessary professional and development skills to become the future workforce for careers in sustainable development and eco-tourism.

It will help local leaders materialize their ambition to connect rural villages through a trail network and increase tourism in the area.

New, non-traditional options for tourists in a unique part of Greece will be offered that have lower impact on the environment and a reduced overall carbon footprint.

Chania - After-School Enrichment pilot is implementing an after-school enrichment program for 7th graders in Chania public schools. The curriculum will be team-based and focus on sustainability and civic engagement.

Unemployed or underemployed Greek teachers will be benefited with paid professional and skills development opportunities in sustainability education.

The Municipality of Chania will be able to further materialize and accelerate such enrichment school activities.

The participating students will develop soft skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership etc.

The Dorida Eco-tourism & Trail Building is currently in progress, while the Chania After-School Enrichment program will be launched in September.

To see the Ecogenia team & the cohort members in action, follow them on social media; Facebook & Instagram



Main Contact:

Lia Papazoglou
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