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In October 2021, our Foundation made a grant to ELC Productions to support the “Genia 17” project. “Genia 17” (“Generation 17”) is a creative initiative designed by ELC with the support of the United Nation’s Greek Department for the Promotion of the Global Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to awaken the general public -especially the young generations- and raise awareness on the significance of adopting and achieving the UN SDGs.

About the project

The “Genia 17” project consists of four distinct actions:

· 17 hourly documentaries, where 17 young people will present the 17 SDGs through the narrations of experts and the presentation of good practices. The documentaries will be broadcasted on ERT (Greece’s national channel).

· Musicians & MCs will become ambassadors of the 17 SDGs and create 17 original songs. The music collection will be presented live in a venue and/or virtual.

· Street Artists will become ambassadors of the 17 SDGs and create 17 large murals on the walls of the country’s biggest municipalities and in private spaces of companies. Murals are adopted/funded by companies/donors to support & promote sustainable development. For each of the 17 works, a mini-documentary will be produced to describe the path of creation from the conception of the idea to its completion.

· 17 podcasts will be created with the participation of experts and company/donor representatives, talking about each of the 17 SDGs.

Our Foundation adopted the SDG 12 about Responsible Consumption & Production and will fund the creation of a mural and a podcast around this Goal.

The mural will be created on the wall of Millerou & Megalou Alexandrou, Athens, Greece by the street artist Gera 1.


ELC Productions

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