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In December 2022, we renewed our collaboration with ELC Productions, in the context of the “Genia 17” project. This time a new mural, video and podcast will be created, showcasing the importance of the SDG 4 about Quality Education.

About the project

"Genia 17" (“Generation 17”) is an initiative of ELC Productions that focuses on the promotion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. The puzzle of the action consists of a series of documentaries, large-scale murals created by popular street artists and musical pieces by artists and collectives of the hip hop scene.

Namely, the project incorporates three means of communicating the Sustainable Development Goals agenda; film-television, visual arts, music:

• A documentary series of 17 episodes presents good practices of achieving the SDGs and gives voice to the Generation Z, who are the protagonists for the accomplishment of the Goals.

• New as well as established graffiti artists adorn the urban landscape by creating large-scale murals. Each mural is inspired by one of the 17 SDGs and, through street aesthetics, the values and ideals of each Goal are highlighted.

• The musical side of "Genia 17" experiments with chords and lyrics, where artists of the hip hop scene - inextricably linked to street art - compose musical pieces that comment on and communicate the Goals.

Our Foundation adopted the SDG 4 about Quality Education and will fund the creation of a mural, a video and a podcast around this Goal, for the account of The American College of Greece (ACG).

ACG’s pupils will have an active role on the project; starting with a workshop, they’ll be informed about the significance of acquiring quality education and how this is the basis for improving human life and sustainable development. They’ll also become acquaint with the philosophy of street art.

The street artist Same84 - who will take over the mural - will guide them through making their own drawings, imprinting their version and understanding of SDG 4. Later on, the artist together with the pupils will co-decide on the final design that will be put on the wall.


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