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In November 2022, we made a grant to En Drasei for the implementation of the Evrostia Health Promotion Program “I Live, Move, and Eat Right”.

En Drasei participates in, designs and performs programs and community initiatives that promote good nutrition, sports for all, and environmental education in an effort to help people change their unhealthy habits.

About the Program

"I Live, Move, and Eat Right" is a scientific wellbeing program addressed to young athletes and their parents, with the scope to introduce them to a model of active participation, offering the necessary beneficial and practical tools for a more conscious lifestyle.

It provides experiential learning through a series of actions, interactive play, and creative expression with the use of pedagogical methods, aiming to cultivate critical thinking, synthesis and analysis to its targeted audience.

More specifically, it focuses on children’s education concerning their (a) nutrition and making good food choices, (b) basic health and safety knowledge and helping them improve their diet, (c) moving more in simple and enjoyable ways, and (d) mental health through stress management, free expression and thinking.

And on parents regarding (a) their children's physical and mental wellbeing, (b) their nutritional needs by age group, (c) the family's routine and how dietary guidelines can be integrated into it, and (d) identifying eating disorders and providing counseling to address them.

As childhood and adolescence are the critical periods where people can adopt a healthy culture for a lifetime, En Drasei considers it important to disseminate the results of the program and to continue it throughout the educational and sports education system.

The program aspires to impart knowledge and know-how and to become an applicable tool in sports facilities, schools and sports academies. The combination of learning together with exercise and nutrition in the same place is the most powerful one in health promotion educational programs. Mass participation areas for young people offer an environment of consistency and contribute greatly to building a healthy lifestyle for the children.


En Drasei

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Anna Papageorgiou
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