Eyes of Light

Introduction & utilization of donation

In May 2022, we had the pleasure to meet Eyes of Light and contribute financially to its smooth operation and viability for its 2022-2023 program.

Eyes of Light envisions a society in which all people with serious illnesses find strength and joy through art.

Their efforts are to improve the emotional welfare and the patients' quality of life, to reduce stigmatization and fear associated with illness, to cultivate more inclusiveness in our society and our culture, sensitize the public, and promote extroversion & social coherence between patients and non-patients.

The organization’s projects are designed based on international studies that prove the positive impact of art on oncology patients.

They aim to meet the needs of psychological support (i.e., boosting self-esteem, managing emotions, reducing anxiety and depression) and social support (i.e., reducing isolation and stigma, improving social functioning).

In particular, the following programs are implemented:

- internationally recognized therapeutic photography workshops

- participatory art projects and workshops that connect patients and artists

- visits to exhibitions, museum tours and activities to bring patients in contact with art

- exhibitions and awareness campaigns

Its future plans also include art programs in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

With this grant, Eyes of Light will be able to improve its organizational performance and create a more dynamic and sustainable strategy for its post-pandemic presence and activities.


Eyes of Light

Main Contact:

Dimitra Ermeidou
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