Mathaino Diatrofi


In October 2020, our Foundation made a grant to Mathaino Diatrofi. The organization aims to raise awareness on the Mediterranean Diet and its benefits. Though the three main programs/memberships (LittleSpoons, Support Groups, Trainings for Professionals) and a series of other actions, Mathaino Diatrofi empowers people of all ages to adapt a more balanced diet and a healthier way of living.

To this direction, our Foundation funded the campaign “Mediterranean Way of Eating”, to help spread the word regarding the nutrition literacy in Greece, our relationship to food and food parenting.

Utilization of donation

The donation was utilized to cover the following costs:

· The design and implementation of the campaign that will be directed to the social media platforms & the internet, television, radio and printed press (magazines, newspapers)

· The creation of new promotional material (e.g. videos, workshops)

· The promotion of the programs/memberships of Mathaino Diatrofi, in order to increase the number of active members (schools, preschools and individuals)

· Based on the philosophy of the existing game for toddlers and pre-schoolers that Mathaino Diatrofi has created, the creation of a book(printed and digital) that will spread the message directly to parents and young children all over Greece.

· Online support groups (nutrition literacy, relationship to food)for adults of low socioeconomic class in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of experts. This venture will give the organization the opportunity to create new collaborations and enhance its scientific credibility.


Mathaino Diatrofi

Main Contact:

Olga Kounari
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