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In May 2021, our Foundation was happy to brace the Museum’s Community Programs with a grant for one of them, the “Everyone Together at the Museum”.

Since the last few years, museums are considered worldwide to be one of the main institutions to bridge inequalities by embracing diversity and inspire learning at all ages. They develop programs and activities that are open to the general public and engage even the most vulnerable groups of the population.

To this direction, since 2016 the Museum of Cycladic Art is delivering a series of educational programs that include activities inside and outside of the Museum’s walls. Central to their philosophy is to offer programs that are inclusive to audiences of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and interests.

Utilization of donation

The Community Program “Everyone Together at the Museum” is addressed to children 5-17 years old that come from different countries or ethnicities and reside in Athens. Its objectives are to provide a neutral space for the participants of various nationalities and social & cultural backgrounds, to offer them the opportunity to engage with art, enhance their creativity as well as to bring them in touch with the Museum experience and its educative tools.

In other words, it aims to provide an increasing number of children with the platform to exercise their fundamental right to self-expression, to practice & communicate through art and to face each other without feeling any sign of discrimination. 

The donation will cover the "Everyone Together at the Museum" Program for the period of Autumn 2021 - Spring 2022, which will have two lines of activities: 

- workshops at the Museum’s premises with the participation of children from Polyphonica and the Network for Children’s Rights

- workshops at cross-cultural elementary schools with the use of the Museum Kits

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