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In March 2021, our Foundation prolonged its support to Nosilia Association with an additional grant for the continuation of the e-Health Care Program.

E-Health Care started pilot operating last year and it proved to be an innovative and successful initiative that combines home care with telemedicine into one integrated service.

The Program is in accordance with Nosilia's mission for inclusion and provision of quality services to every patient in need. It enhances prevention, self-care education, and gives guidance to the caregivers for the proper care of patients with chronic diseases. All these practices contribute to improving their life quality.

Utilization of donation

E-Health Care includes a mobile Medical Unit and a Digital Clinic. The Medical Unit consisted of a doctor, a nurse and a special telemedicine equipment with wireless devices. The Unit visits the patients at home, conducts the clinical examination and receives the data.

Through a certified and reliable telemetry recording and monitoring system, the data are automatically transferred to the Digital Clinic, composing individual Electronic Health Records for the patients that the health professionals have access to. In this way, each beneficiary can have personalized medical treatment, teleconferences with the specialists and further examinations if needed. 

With monthly patient monitoring and one Medical Unit, the Program can serve 110 patients and respectively benefit around 300 family members per month. Nosilia's sustainability plan for the e-Health Care Program is to expand it by creating additional Medical Units that will serve more beneficiaries and to reinforce the service by adding a wider range of specialized devices.


Nosilia Association

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