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In April 2022, we provided P2P Lab with the necessary funds to initiate its project "Blue Greece".

P2P Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to research and advocacy around peer-to-peer dynamics in technology, society and economy. Its researchers produce academic peer-reviewed publications and coordinate/participate in projects, focused on free/open-source technologies and commons-based practices. Moreover, it empirically explores and expands the theoretical work produced to ascertain their viability in real-world applications.

The organization’s physical space is at Ioannina, Greece and comprises a co-working space, a library and a fabrication lab with 3D printers and microcontrollers.

Utilization of donation

"Blue Greece" is a project about Small-Scale Solar-Powered Desalination. It is built at the intersection of Open-Source Hardware, The Maker Movement and Community Spirit.

Its mission is to overcome the limitations of linear innovation and build a trusted and engaging Open-Source Hardware ecosystem for globally holistic innovation in Small-Scale Solar Desalination that is affordable and can be manufactured locally.

The project will be carried out in a timeframe of 6 months and the team will:

- work on the creation of the Open-Source Hardware design

- build a core community for engineering

- further interconnect it to a broader community of supporters from various disciplines as well as users from several target markets, who will actively provide insights, feedback and support

- set up a scalable virtual space for collaboration.

The ultimate goal is to:

• create a highly scalable, customizable and accessible Open-Source Hardware ecosystem for drinking water made with solar energy

• enable partnering businesses to provide an open, low-cost solution for clean water that can be easily manufactured locally and be serviced effortlessly by the consumer.


P2P Lab

Main Contact:

Chris Giotitsas
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