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In October 2022, we got acquainted with the work of Social Hackers Academy (SHA) and decided to contribute to its Scholarships Program.

The organization started off in the midst of the economic and refugee crisis as a tech-education school for vulnerable groups (refugees, migrants, and long-term unemployed citizens).

The team of SHA envisioned a world where solidarity prevails and everyone enjoys equal opportunities in the labor market. Its mission ever since is to support those groups of people in getting access to quality tech education that leads to employment and a future-proof career.

Utilization of donation

SHA delivers comprehensive education in software engineering to provide students with the tools and opportunities to not only acquire employment in Greece but also, if they wish, to become entrepreneurs with access to capital and the global market.

With our grant, 10 scholarships for the Blockchain Development Career Track Learning Program will be offered to young people living outside the major cities of Greece. These students will have the opportunity to obtain all necessary hard and soft skills to land their first job in tech.

Blockchain is gaining popularity all around the world and this growth is bringing an increasing need for blockchain professionals. The yearly salary of Junior Blockchain Developers went up to $90K in 2022, while experienced Developer salaries reach $120K. Blockchain technologies revolutionized various industries already and they are considered to be the solution created for high level of security and legitimacy.

The Program is designed with a holistic approach; it won't only include the teaching on Blockchain Development but also an employability course, community & pair-learning and a graduation project where the students will create their own blockchain development project, with the guidance and support of the SHA instructors.

The Program starts mid January 2023 with a duration of 7 months. You can read more about it here.


Social Hackers Academy

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