Ten Million Hands


In June 2021, our Foundation joined forces with Impact Hubs Athens to co-create the inspirational project of Ten Million Hands.

Having the ‘Sustainability in Practice’ as its slogan, the project aims to inform the citizens of Greece about sustainable consumption and help them change the way that they use their consuming power in everyday life.

Their ten million pair of hands can make a difference by choosing to consume products & adopt habits that contribute to a fairer and more ethical and sustainable world.

About Ten Million Hands

As we are moving through a deep pandemic health crisis all around the world, people are pivoting towards a more healthy, sustainable & conscious lifestyle starting with what they consume daily.

Following this trend some years now we understand that Greece is still a lot behind compared to the rest of the world even though it seems that more and more sustainable initiatives are starting their operations locally.

We also observed that the small percentage of the population which is willing to change towards a more sustainable & responsible way of living lacks information on where to find respective products that cover the everyday routine, along with practices to enrich & advance their way of living.

As it is difficult for the consumers to find those sustainable and ethical businesses that sell this kind of products, conscious businesses face challenges in order to grow as they don’t have the capacity to research the customers, develop the right marketing mix and communicate directly with them.

In conclusion, on one hand the customers are not informed enough for the consequences that their lifestyle has on the society and the environment and the ones who understand cannot really find coherent guidance, and on the other hand impact-driven entrepreneurs lack of resources to promote themselves widely and knowledge for the market trend and consumers choices.

With this project we aim to change the behavior of consumers in a long-term perspective by raising awareness on conscious consumption. We are going to use three elements -research, documentary, and platform- to approach the topic of conscious consumption holistically.

The heart of the project is the research, which is going to be conducted every year, and it will give us information on how a conscious consumer behaves and which are the challenges & trends for sustainable and ethical initiatives to grow. Using the research result, we will produce interesting content for consumers trying to avoid indoctrination and focusing more on solutions.

In parallel, we will produce a documentary, following the everyday life of three conscious consumers and profile how they make decisions, where they buy what and how this impacts their lifestyle/health. This way we are going to highlight solutions, nourish initiatives and promote a more sustainable way of living.

To share all the above, we are going to create a state-of-the-art digital platform that will be constantly updated with new material and will function as a useful tool for those who want to make the change and face difficulty in finding centralized, valid, and comprehensible information on sustainable/ethical consumption.

This project is ongoing. Every year we are going to film a new documentary and conduct research, having some questions as a base and study the results so as to understand the progress of conscious consumption in Greece. As the research will allow us to gain insights on the current trends, we will be pivoting and deepening the focus of the research on topics that we will be finding as more interesting for more detailed results.


Ten Million Hands

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