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In December 2022, Ten Million Hands (TMH) moved to the next stage – being established as a civil nonprofit company – intensifying its efforts on helping all citizens living in Greece adopt a more ethical and sustainable way of living. Our Foundation continues its financial support as the founding donor.

TMH's mission is to raise awareness, inform, educate, and provide tangible solutions to make sustainability an everyday choice in our lives. It invites each and every one of us to become part of a society that enjoys the benefits of endorsing responsible consumption and production practices.

The TMH team is currently preparing exciting and useful things for us. Stay tuned to see them coming in the following months!

About Ten Million Hands

As mentioned, Ten Million Hands is standing on the following pillars:

1. Awareness raising

Even though a growing number of consumers across the globe realize the benefits of conscious consumerism and want to buy from companies/brands that have a more positive influence on certain social and environmental issues, Greek society remains largely ignorant on how and why to make responsible purchase decisions. According to TMH’s research, information scarcity, lack of time and effort, accessibility, and early-stage education are the top factors not allowing consumers to follow a more conscious lifestyle.

TMH will focus on showcasing the benefits of sustainable consumption, indicatively through: communicational and digital material, informational events and pop-up markets, documentary broadcasting, brand and criteria awareness, research and evidence-based advocacy, practical tips and information through podcasts and radio shows.  

2. Education

TMH will create a training curriculum that introduces conscious consumption to the Greek public, indicatively covering the following learning objectives:

- Create a shared understanding of what sustainable consumption and production is and its relation to the social and environmental challenges we face.

- Understand what it means to be a conscious consumer and how people can make informed decisions about the goods and services they consume and their direct and indirect impact to the environment and theirlivelihood.

- Recognize the benefits of shifting everyday habits by embracing sustainable choices and championing conscious resources usage.

3. Providing tangible solutions

Useful tools are on the making, namely:

- Certification: create the first Certification scheme for organizations, companies, and brands that apply practices that contribute to a more sustainable society. A certification that recognizes companies that have already shifted towards sustainability, rewards them, and motivates them to achieve even better results in the future.

- Card: establish a network of ethical/sustainable brands and organizations in Greece, where conscious consumers can purchase products/services via a prepaid Card.

- Festivals: organize pop-up festivals to bring conscious brands and consumers together.

- Awards: establish TMH Brand and TMH Product/Service of the year awards in Greece.

In the long run, TMH seeks to:

- be established as the Go-To organization for ethical and sustainable consumption and production in Greece,

- promote legislation in the Greek government which will empower brands, companies, and consumers in adopting conscious practices.


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