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Introduction & utilization of donation

In August 2023, a continuation grant was offered to Ten Million Hands (TMH) so as to conclude the establishment phase of the new organization, design its products and services, and proceed to the implementation stage.

Ten Million Hands kick-started as a project-based initiative of Impact Hub Athens. Later on, and as the architects of the project were foreseeing its potential, they transformed it to a separate organization.

TMH is designed to have a hybrid structure (steward-led) that includes a nonprofit and a for-profit entity, ensuring its financial independence and long-term viability. These days, the TMH team is working on finalizing and delivering the following:

Nonprofit pillars

· Information Hub: an upgraded website to fully accommodate increased content prepared, as well as to host the Conscious Marketplace, the TMH card programs, and the Certification scheme. The site will be providing knowledge through useful content and tips, will accelerate community building and motivate people towards sustainable practices.

· Education: an interactive school program for elementary and high school students. Additionally, adult learning modules and workshops is intended to be designed in the future.

· Advocacy: a strategic plan for promoting systemic change, informing authorities and partners for legal and community actions that can make a difference.

For-profit pillars 

· TMH Card/Conscious Marketplace: TMH Food & Drink Card and TMH Gift Card to be launched in the upcoming months. For this, a Merchants' Network with sustainable brands is being built as we speak.  

· TMH Rating tool and Certification: in association with TUV Austria, TMH is designing the Conscious Rating tool (an assessment for merchants, retailers and brands) and Certification (an accreditation reward for proven sustainable businesses).

· TMH business trainings: business training and workshops, educating and promoting conscious consumption and production practices.

The long-term objectives of Ten Million Hands are to become the Go-To organization for ethical and sustainable consumption and production in Greece and to promote legislation in the Greek government which will empower brands, companies, and consumers in adopting conscious practices. 


Ten Million Hands

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