The Southern Lights


In May 2021, our Foundation joined hands once again with The Southern Lights to support another exquisite initiative of theirs, the Regenerative Farming Support Program.

The aim of this program is to enable and support the transition of farming in Greece into a regenerative one, by sharing the knowledge about agroforestry, its possibilities for restoring soil, plant and animal health, thus regenerating our ecosystems and building resilience to face climate change.

Utilization of donation

Applying farming practices like agroforestry, water control, holistic management, land planning and design as well as other techniques has proven highly efficient in the short, mid and long term all over the world both in ecological and economical terms. While growing food, these practices transform once degraded landscapes, into abundance.

This is the shift that the Regenerative Farming Support Program will initiate on a large scale in Greece, starting with 6 pilot farms. The team will design and implement the conversion of 6 farms that represent the most prevailing agricultural models of the Mediterranean, into regenerative farming operations.

The farms, the designs and the basic framework will be made available on a dedicated website to enable all interested people to understand the basics and to convert their own farm accordingly. Additionally, an agroforestry hotline will support them further in their transition process.

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The Southern Lights

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Sheila Darmos
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