The Venture Impact Awards


After the first successful year of the Venture Impact Awards (VIA) in 2020 and the exquisite partnership with The Hellenic Initiative (THI), our Foundation was happy to fund the 2021 contest as well, as a Level I Sponsor.

The VIA is addressed to companies, social enterprises, NGOs, cooperatives and other organizations from the for profit and nonprofit worlds that can improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the communities in Greece through their work & mission.

About the Awards

Venture Impact Awards (VIA) show factual recognition to projects that can prove and achieve human, social, and/or environmental impact while fostering collaboration among different stakeholders and promoting innovation.

This year, 176 teams applied and 18 of them were awarded cash prizes of $285k in total. The main criteria to be met by the applicants was to present an idea/business plan that showcases considerable positive impact in Greece’s economic and/or social sectors and is sustainable and scalable. Teams at a concept phase or entities who have raised over $2 million in funding from different resources were excluded.

The 2021 VIA winners’ announcement was held on December 13, 2021.

To watch the ceremony and read more about the winning teams, click here.


The Venture Impact Awards

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Michael Printzos
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