In November 2021, our Foundation funded Vouliwatch to help the organization enhance its visibility and outreach to a broader audience.

The organization’s main goal is to bridge the gap between citizens and their political representatives whilst promoting a culture of transparency, accountability and active citizenship.

Vouliwatch makes use of innovative digital technology applications whose purpose is to facilitate the monitoring of parliamentarian’s activities and their assets declarations, the transparent communication between MPs and their constituents as well as the recording of all parliamentary activity which is then provided in open format.

In addition, it has managed in a very short time to establish itself as the leading advocacy and campaign organization in Greece that focuses on issues relevant to transparency, open government and the freedom of access to information.

Vouliwatch is also active at an international level as it is involved in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the United Nation’s Coalition Against Corruption (UNCAC) and AlterEU.

The organization does not accept financial support from political parties, politicians nor corporations and does not wish to generate income through advertising on its website. It values its independence as one of its greatest assets. All the services and data, information and research that Vouliwatch has been producing since its launch are free and open to the public.

Utilization of donation

The grant will enable Vouliwatch to boost its online presence and communication activities, hence it will contribute towards achieving more visibility and expanding the organization’s impact.

We strongly believe that the more people learn about the existence of the organization’s platform, services and campaigns of public interest, the more they will engage to active citizenship and the higher the tangible impact on policy making will be.



Main Contact:

Stefanos Loukopoulos
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