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In September 2023, our Foundation was very pleased to co-sponsor the international symposium entitled “How to Change Our Mind, to Change the World” organized by the World Human Forum (WHF).

WHF is a global citizens' initiative that seeks to harness and coordinate innovative forces from across the world, aiming to establish a genuine ecological civilization.

Its approach is inclusive and holistic, valuing insights from diverse domains —be it art, philosophy, agriculture, science, engineering, economics, social sciences, education, or personal development.

WHF’s ultimate goal is to amplify the transformative influence of changemakers. To this end, it offers practical models and accessible avenues, guiding and encouraging everyone to take active steps on this essential journey of transformation.

About the symposium

The groundbreaking symposium “How to Change Our Mind, to Change the World is part of the 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture and will be held on September 27-28-29, 2023 at the old IRIS factory.

It aims to contribute to the promotion of Eleusis' cultural wealth on a global scale and highlight the city's enormous cultural potential for the years to come.

This symposium will revolve around the topic of consciousness elevation for the creation of a life-affirming civilization, going far beyond 2023 and bringing to the surface Eleusis and its ancient teachings as a compass for the creation of a new ecological paradigm.

Prominent representatives at a global level from the fields of the Arts, Science, Humanities, Medicine, Spirituality, Education will for three days discuss, engage and share the most recent findings on these topics.

This will be the first edition of what WHF aspires to become an annual gathering and exchange platform from different continents. The symposium will offer a holistic experience and will culminate on the 29th of September with the premiere of the “Human Requiem” —Brahms' innovative version of the German Requiem, directed by Jochen Sandig.


World Human Forum

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